The Best Roach Traps On The Market

In the war on roaches traps are a crucial part of your arsenal. There are many to choose from ranging simple to advanced. Getting a good trap will save you time and money. When battling cockroaches you can’t afford to give them the upper hand. This list will equip you with the best roach traps you can buy and teach you the correct way to deploy them.

Victor Insect Magnet

Victor Roach Trap

On the surface the Victor M256 Insect Magnet looks like a cardboard box with 3 holes cut in it, but its simplicity is still powerful nonetheless. It’s equipped with a pheromone that lures in roaches and other bugs, combined with a poison-free adhesive that traps them once inside.

Placement of this trap is the most important part. The instructions state that you should move the trap if you don’t catch anything in 24 to 72 hours. You want to place this trap close to any high traffic areas roaches frequent. One of the advantage this trap has is it’s small in size so you can place multiple traps in the same area doubling your results.

The Victor Insect Magnets will defend you for up to 60 days then it’s recommended that you replace them. We highly recommend them because they are cheap, you can get a 12 pack for less than 10 dollars on amazon.

Black Flag Roach Motel

Roach Motel

Like it says on the box ‘’Roaches check in… But they don’t check out’’ any roach that wonders inside isn’t coming out alive. The poison-free attractant mixed with the adhesive is very alluring to most roaches causing them to ‘’check in’’, and you know the rest.

The Roach Motel is a medium-sized trap so its most effective to use 2 or more in hight traffic areas. Because Roach Motels are so cheap I suggest you buy them in bulk like this 12 pack, to get rid of roaches and save money.

Trapper Insect Trap

Trapper Trap

You’re probably thinking ”another cardboard box claiming to be a trap…”, but this one has a few tricks up its sleeves. Not only does it catch cockroaches, it’s also good for capturing bed bugs and spiders. The adhesive inside the trap sticks to almost any surface, and it also has a monitor to record date and location of use.

A of the few tricks this trap has is that it can be used as one large trap, or divided into 3 smaller traps.

One more thing worth noting is the price, for under $25 you can get 30 boards (90 traps) from amazon, great for use all over your house no insect will be safe.

Catchmaster 288i Spider & Insect Trap


This trap is extremely similar to the Trapper Insect Trap listed above. Used as one it has 4 entry points, and 8 if used individually. The adhesive inside these traps can also stick to almost any surface such as cabinets, sinks, or anywhere else you can think to put one.

These type of traps are good for longterm pest control, the glue inside will last for up to a year as long as there’s not too many roaches. Another catch is for less than $20 you’ll get 36 boards (108 traps).

Either of these traps are great choices in your fight against roaches and any other household insects. Remember you don’t only want to count on traps for defense, you will need other roach killers if you’re looking for faster results.

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