5 Signs Your Roach Problem Is Out Of Hand

Ever had those pesky uninvited guests in your home and they don’t help pay rent? Do they snack on your food and leave droppings in every corner of the house? Are you afraid of having company over in fear the roaches they might ‘’run them off’’?

Cockroaches are the most ubiquitous pests on the face of the earth and if you have them in your home it will disrupt your peace of mind.

Several people are unaware of the potential harm caused by an infestation. We’ve compiled a list of signs that your home may be infested by roaches and it’s time to take action. Roach prevention is very important.

Here’s the top 5 signs that your roach problem is getting out of hand.

1. They have taken over your kitchen and bathroom

When walking into your kitchen or bathroom do you see multiple roaches on the counters, tables, and walls drinking your water and snacking on the left out food?

If so this is a strong sign they have taken over and you might want to consider buying pest control traps and sprays.

2. There are multiple eggs & droppings throughout your house

If you look in hard to reach areas such as behind the toilet, inside the towel closet, or in dark cabinets you may see a bunch of eggs and other droppings.

Roaches reproduce rapidly and if you let this get out of hand it can become a big problem down the line.

3. They have outsmarted your traps

If you’ve placed traps such as the roach motel and it caught a few but it appears you have a lot more to catch you could be in trouble.

Roaches have been around since the beginning of humanity and are most likely to survive a purge or holocaust, it wouldn’t take much for them to outsmart a common household trap.

4. You can’t sleep at night

If you can’t sleep at night in fear you will have roaches crawling on you while you sleep this can be bad. Sleep with one eye open my friend.  048e838e-c53b-485f-824d-b796467ffa7b

5. The roaches are healthier than you

man_roachIf there are huge roaches crawling around looking healthier and in better shape than you are, you probably procrastinated on getting rid of them and its time to get rid of them now!

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  1. All of the signs definitely apply to me.

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